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A Little About Us

Welcome, I’m Todd, founder, and CEO of ChristolystCBD! In partnership with my wife, Sharon, and son, Kalieffe, we are proud to offer premium wellness products, produced from Industrial Hemp. Sharon and I are originally from the Midwest. I was raised in Omaha, Nebraska, in a North Omaha community, and Sharon grew up on the Southside of Chicago, where the social injustice of the failed war on drugs disproportionately affected the communities we came from. We saw the impact of cannabis criminality, and the negative outcomes a marijuana conviction and incarceration had on black and brown people, families, and the communities in which they lived.


Years later, we have not only educated ourselves, but have benefited from the positive impact of cannabinoids found in the cannabis sativa plant. Sharon turned to the cannabis plant to find relief from chronic pain, nausea and insomnia she experiences while living with a chronic illness. Similarly, we have all enjoyed enhanced focus, creativity and mental well-being with the inclusion of hemp-derived cannabis into our daily regimen.

More About Us 

With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill, I became a licensed hemp cultivator and processor in the State of Nebraska, however, my work in the industry started in the early 1990’s, with my brother Scott. Over the years, we acquired a substantial amount of knowledge, and practiced, tested and refined state of the art growing methodologies, in order to provide premium products, at an affordable cost.

Our vision has always been to offer homeopathic options with, or in place of, traditional medicines, for healing, maintaining health and sustaining an optimal life. Very unfortunately, and sadly Scott passed away in 2016. During the last 15 months of his life, Scott proudly trained and educated Kalieffe, in his visionary growing and cultivating techniques. Since then, Kalieffe, 25, has spent quality time perfecting his techniques, and learning the needs of the various strains of the cannabis sativa plant, use of lighting, nutrients and soil composition, while pursuing a Horticultural degree.  His personal journey of navigating through profound grief and tragedy, to a place of healing and growth, makes Kalieffe’s contributions to ChristolystCBD invaluable.

At the core of who we are, lies the desire to be of service to others, in an impactful way. Our passion is grounded in our work to educate people in the medicinal properties, benefits and applications found in industrial hemp, and to provide quality hemp derived CBD products. Our ultimate goal is to help others find greater peace within, and to be able to navigate life with a sense of control, joy and ease.


Why Us

Why ChristolystCBD Products?

All of our CBD products come from Industrial Hemp, organically grown and manufactured in the United States. Made with pure CBD and CBG full spectrum isolates, our products also use a blend of natural herbs and terpenes, butters, and oils. Boswellia, white willow root, arnica and myrcene are just a few of the ingredients found in our products. 

We are Black owned, family-controlled and operated, with 25+ years of learning and growing expertise. We not only offer a variety of high-quality product lines, at an affordable cost, we are best in class in customer service and care. We have an office in Nebraska, and partners in Georgia, California, and Colorado.

ChristolystCBD products reintroduce alternative solutions from the past, for the present and the future, to help relieve, relax, rejuvenate and heal your body. With our experience and wisdom, coupled with our strategic partnerships with farmers, manufacturers and wholesalers, ChristolystCBD is a forerunner, in offering premium CBD products that promote overall health and wellness.



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