CBD Soothe Stick 2.0

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A topical infused CBD Soothe stick that may soothe pain and body aches, restore sore/overworked muscles, and relieve joint pains. The CBD Stick is available in the following scents: lemongrass, atlas cedar, eucalyptus and lavender.

DESCRIPTION: The CBD Soothe Stick is fast acting. Targeted relief is almost immediate once the topical blend is applied to the affected area. Our mind-soothing, anti-inflammatory CBD pain stick works deep into the muscle tissues to boost athletic recovery, relieve pain, stiffness, soreness, tension, and overall discomfort. The mess-free topical pain stick offers quick penetration into the skin with a high absorption rate, helping you get back to your best self in no time.


CBD PRODUCTS YOU WILL LOVE: If you are suffering from joint or muscular pain, the anti-inflammatory properties of the CBD SOOTHE STICK means this CBD product may be your perfect weapon against pain. The pain stick won’t cause side effects, it isn’t addictive, and it may provide fast pain relief.

CBD PRODUCTS YOU HAVE TO TRY: Our CBD SOOTHE STICK is handmade with pure CBD and CBG full spectrum isolates, derived from industrial hemp. We also add a blend of natural terpenes, jojoba oil, shea butter, and beeswax, along with a combination of olive oil, arnica, and Boswellia to this healing stick. An essential oil has also been added to our pain stick to invigorate the mind’s focus and relax the body.

CBD PRODUCTS YOU CAN TRUST: ChristolystCBD is one of the best CBD companies to buy CBD online. Our CBD products come from Industrial hemp – grown and manufactured in the United States, lab tested, low to no THC and medical grade quality. ChristolystCBD is a forerunner in offering premium CBD products that promote overall health and wellness.

DIRECTIONS: Make it a ritual. Roll the CBD stick on areas of discomfort and repeat within 5-10 minutes as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Infused with full spectrum CBD/CBG isolate and natural terpenes, the Soothe Stick is an organic blend of shea butter, jojoba oil, olive oil, arnica, boswellia, and beeswax. Invigorate the mind’s focus and relax the body by adding an essential oil.  Available scents include lemongrass, atlas cedar, eucalyptus and lavender.



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Lemongrass, Atlas Cedar, Lavender


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Our CBD/CBG infused products have significant potential to positively impact stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally, our products are non-psychoactive, non-impairing and non-intoxicating.


Calm Aches and Pain

Whether you need ways to cope with aches and pains, or post workout soreness, cramps or stretching, our Christolyst Hemp products should be your go-to product to soothe discomforts.


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