Full Spectrum Hemp Hand Shield


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DESCRIPTION: The Christolyst Hemp Hand Shield formula has cannabidiol particles that penetrate the skin providing moisturizing and soothing relief.  Its antibacterial and antiviral properties can also help fight against the spread of COVID-19 for a more extended period of time.  Each 1.5 oz container contains 70% ethyl alcohol, glycerin, coconut oil, natural terpenes, aloe vera and lemongrass essential oil.  With this combination, you won’t find a more effective hand sanitizer to protect and shield the skin!


DIRECTIONS: Make it a ritual. Apply the HEMP hand sanitizer to the palm of one hand and rub hands together until the product covers the surfaces of your hands. The process should take between 15 and 30 seconds, until your hands are dry. Suitable for all skin types. Reapply as often as needed.

INGREDIENTS: Made with full spectrum Hemp/CBG, the Hemp HAND SANITIZER is blended with 70% ethyl alcohol, aloe vera, glycerin, coconut oil, natural terpenes and lemongrass essential oil.





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Ease Worry and Stress

Our CBD/CBG infused products have significant potential to positively impact stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally, our products are non-psychoactive, non-impairing and non-intoxicating.


Calm Aches and Pain

Whether you need ways to cope with aches and pains, or post workout soreness, cramps or stretching, our Christolyst Hemp products should be your go-to product to soothe discomforts.


Boost Energy and Focus

We are proud to offer products that may enhance your concentration, and boost your energy. Christolyst Hemp is the perfect addition to your daily regimen to help achieve and maintain good health and vitality.


Overall Health & Wellness

The Christolyst Company strives to offer products that strongly promote a balanced lifestyle – mind, body, and spirit. Ultimately the goal of all Christolyst products is to improve quality of life.

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