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Full Spectrum Hemp Luxe Lotion - Cedar Atlas

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Full Spectrum Hemp Luxe Lotion - Lavender

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Full Spectrum Hemp Luxe Lotion - Lemon Grass

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DESCRIPTION: A daily, all purpose, luxurious hydrating therapy. Our all purpose, FULL SPECTRUM Hemp infused Hemp/CBG LUXE LOTION is a powerful daily defense lotion for the hands and body.   This aloe vera water based formula is easily absorbed without an oily feel and leaves the skin moist, relaxed and refreshed.  This special hydrating formula is also intended to relieve body aches or pain while moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin.


DIRECTIONS: Make it a ritual. Apply a small amount and gently massage into your skin in the morning and evening, or as often as needed. Allow it to penetrate and absorb the skin.  For pain, massage the  areas of discomfort and repeat within 5-10 minutes as needed.



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Cedar Atlas, Lavender, Lemon Grass



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INGREDIENTS: Infused with full spectrum Hemp/CBG isolate and natural terpenes, the Hemp Body LOTION is blended with an infused aloe water base of chamomile and green tea, enriched with mango butter and emul wax.  Invigorate the mind’s focus and relax the body by adding an essential oil.  Available scents include lemongrass, atlas cedar, eucalyptus and lavender.


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Ease Worry and Stress

Our CBD/CBG infused products have significant potential to positively impact stress, anxiety and depression. Additionally, our products are non-psychoactive, non-impairing and non-intoxicating.


Calm Aches and Pain

Whether you need ways to cope with aches and pains, or post workout soreness, cramps or stretching, our Christolyst Hemp products should be your go-to product to soothe discomforts.


Boost Energy and Focus

We are proud to offer products that may enhance your concentration, and boost your energy. Christolyst Hemp is the perfect addition to your daily regimen to help achieve and maintain good health and vitality.


Overall Health & Wellness

The Christolyst Company strives to offer products that strongly promote a balanced lifestyle – mind, body, and spirit. Ultimately the goal of all Christolyst products is to improve quality of life.

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