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Wholesale Registration

As part of our ongoing loyalty to our nationwide customer base, we here at Christolyst Hemp are delighted to offer hemp wholesale options. Whether you’re starting your own retail space or just want to stock up on the highest-quality hemp products, wholesale hemp can be an excellent option.

Our Wholesale Hemp department offers fast and reliable shipping. First start off by answering the questions above and you can bet that your industry needs will be met with the same customer-first principles that we’ve built our brand on. Typically we reply same day, but on average we ask that you please allow 2-3 business days for a response.

Become a hemp distributor with Christolyst Hemp and enjoy all the benefits of wholesale hemp products. Each and every one of our products is manufactured in the USA, and harvested from some of the finest industrial hemp plants in the country. In today’s fast-paced, ultra-demanding market, there is no room for poor quality or substandard products.